All Island Strategic
Rail Review

Consultation Paper

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Ministerial Foreword

We firmly believe in the untapped potential of rail to contribute toward social and economic development across the island of Ireland, providing faster and more frequent connectivity, connecting communities, as well as helping us meet our ambitious climate action objectives.

If we are to tap that potential, then we believe there is a need to comprehensively and objectively examine how rail could deliver benefits across the island of Ireland and that is why we are undertaking this Review.

The Review expands on the commitment under the New Decade, New Approach agreement to examine the feasibility of a high/higher speed rail link between Belfast, Dublin and Cork and will look at ways to improve our current rail infrastructure, including the feasibility of high/higher speeds and electrification, better connections to the North-West, and role of rail in the efficient movement of goods.

The results will give our Departments an evidence-informed approach to delivering low carbon rail services and building a more resilient network to support sustainable growth across the island of Ireland.

The aim of this Review, and the evidence base that will underpin it, is to show the trade-offs in outcomes against objectives for alternative network options, outlining a potential investment framework for the coming decades. This Review will show the difference in network option outcomes that have clear blue water between them, ensuring stakeholders understand the impact of competing objectives to aid our decision-making.

We understand how valuable consultation is to the development of a Review of this magnitude, which is why engagement is an essential part of the process throughout.

In this Consultation Paper, we invite everyone to share their views.

While several questions are posed, we would urge participants to raise other issues which they believe may assist in developing the Review. The responses to this paper will help inform the development of an improved rail network on the island.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Eamon Ryan T.D. Minister for Transport

Eamon Ryan T.D.
Minister for Transport

Nichola Mallon MLA Minister for Infrastructure

Nichola Mallon MLA
 Minister for Infrastructure